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The entire 600 stall underground parkade, the South podium level and the 22 and 27 storey high rise towers were completed in 2011. The building was segregated into a number of “air parcels” which allowed for multiple condominium associations.  The segregation required the mechanical design to incorporate separation of the mechanical systems for utility billing and maintenance responsibilities.

Each major building parcel was provided with a chilled water and heating water system.  The individual suites are cooled by a fan coil and heated by either a fan coil or by perimeter radiation.   The commercial retail area was also provided with a separate heating and cooling system.

A single integrated fire protection system including a fire pump was provided for the complex.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypeSub-Consultant to Owner
Construction Cost$30,000,000 (Mechanical)
OwnerAnthem Properties