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Tuscany School

Mechwave provided HVAC, plumbing and fire protection consulting services for a new 630 student K-3 school. The HVAC system consists of gas fired heating boilers serving constant volume central air handling units. Wall fin radiation and reheat coils are utilized for zone control. The building is fully air conditioned except for the gymnasium area. The air handling units are located in a mezzanine mechanical room to minimize floor area requirements. The building is non-combustible construction and fully sprinklered in accordance with NFPA 13.



Project Data

School TypeK-3
Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypeSub-Consultant to Architect
ArchitectCohos Evamy Partners (Dialog)
OwnerCalgary Board of Eduction
Construction Cost$4,992,000
Area3,526 m² (37,954 ft²)
Relocatables800 m² (600m² future)