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Toromont Processing Systems

Toromont Process Systems manufactures large skid mounted compressor stations and process equipment for the oil and gas industry. The project consists of a 4,500m2 (48,000 ft2) two storey office and 8,500m2 (91,500 ft2) of welding shop which was completed in January, 2003.

Office spaces are heated by perimeter ceiling mounted radiant heating panels. Cooling and ventilation is provided by central air handling systems which supply VAV boxes on both levels of the office.  Ventilation for the welding process is provided by six large roof mounted direct fired make-up air handling units and multiple low level exhaust fans. The systems are sequenced to provide optimal air flow and reduced operating costs for different manufacturing activity levels.  Specialized ventilation systems are also provided for sand blast and painting bays.  In addition, acetylene, oxygen, high pressure compressed air, low pressure compressed air, high pressure natural gas, low pressure natural gas and glycol anti-freeze looped distribution mains are installed with drops to multiple work station locations. The facility is fully sprinklered.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypeSub-Consultant to Architect
ClientBKDI Architects
Construction Cost$16,000,000
OwnerToromont Processing Systems
Area13,000 m2 (140,000 ft2)