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TELUS Len Werry

Mechwave has been providing prime consulting services for projects in the Len Werry and 7th Avenue complex since 2000.  Projects include:

  • Smoke Control Upgrade: To protect from smoke migrating to sensitive areas during a fire event, the 15 storey Len Werry building was compartmentalised into 34 smoke control zones.  Mechwave provided consulting services for the construction of the fire rated walls, smoke duct system and coordination of the fire alarm verification.
  • Cooling upgrades to accomodate new communication equipment and data servers have been performed on the 6, 7, 9, 13 and 14th floors.
  • A major reliability audit was performed for the complex in 2003 to identify building risks such lack of equipment redundancy, water discharge from fire protection or wet piping systems and smoke from fire events.

Project Data

Len Werry
- Gross Building Area27,162 m² (292,263 ft²)
- Total Number of Floors17
- Number of Equipment Floors7
7th Avenue
- Gross Building Area15,420 m² (165,920 ft²)
- Total Number of Floors9
- Number of Equipment Floors4