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Shaw South Internet Data Centre

Prime consultant coordinating electrical, structural and architectural sub-consultants for upgrade and expansion projects for the existing data centre.

A fast track project to add 400 kW fully redundant electrical capacity to the central plant, along with 150 kW fully redundant DC plant to serve new data floor was completed in 2008.  Mechwave also acted as mechanical consultant for this project to provide corresponding cooling capacity to match up the capacity of the building electrical and mechanical central plants.

The construction of two separate data rooms to serve client needs totalling over 170 m² (1,800 ft²) of raised floor was completed in 2010.  Work included expansion of existing mechanical central plant to suit data room and UPS additions.  Addition of 8 N+1 glycol air conditioners and corresponding fluid coolers complete with A and B redundant piping loops.  Design and implementation of smoke exhaust system and coordination of fire protection.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypePrime Consultant to Owner
Construction Cost$4,100,000
OwnerShaw Communications
UPS Addition400 kW
DC Plant Addition150 kW
Additional Racks64