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Critical Systems
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Shaw Court

Mechwave has been providing prime consulting services for projects in the Shaw Court building since 2005.  Projects include :

  • Prime Consultant for the addition of a 1.1MW fourth generator to an existing critical power system. The design included ventilation and exhaust systems for the generator room in a sound level sensitive area of the downtown core. Mechwave coordinated threat windows for shut-downs to permit the tie-in, testing and commissioning of the generator and associated synchronization control panel.
  • Upgrade to the existing UPS with provision of two new 1,500 kVA UPS plants arranged in an A-B redundant configuration.  Mechwave provided prime consulting services for this fast track project as well as detailed design services for the critical power and HVAC Systems.
  • Prime Consultant for 1000 ft² of raised floor expansion of existing SOX compliant critical data centre.  The work also included addition of new electrical distribution and expansion of existing cooling loop to provide additional cooling to space.