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Shaw Campus Data Centre

Mechwave has designed the 12,300 m² four level Data Centre and the attached 3,600 m² two story office facility in northeast Calgary.  This project, with Mechwave acting as the Prime Consultant and Mechanical Sub Consultant, was completed in March of 2015. The location for this facility provided a unique opportunity to integrate the construction of a large data centre with two existing buildings providing significant amenity and office space.

The Data Centre  houses server equipment that requires 24/7 reliability.  An advanced cooling system is designed to utilize Calgary’s climate to provide cooling throughout the year without relying significantly on energy intensive air conditioning.  The ability to provide cooling during the warm summer months without air conditioning  will be through natural evaporative cooling.  The project implements a new server room design containing equipment within sealed pods.  These pods allow servers to operate reliably at increased temperatures.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypePrime Consultant to Owner