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Bison Transport

Bison Transport constructed a Western Canada hub depot in 2006 in the MD of Rockyview to service their long haul trucking operation. The terminal has facilities where drivers can rest and shower while the semi-trailer rigs are serviced and refuelled.  The main building consists of a regional office for 50 staff.  A simulator facility provided allows an 18 wheel unit to be parked inside the office building for training. The building has sleeping, shower facilities, laundry, automat and fitness room for driver rest and recreation. Also attached is a cross dock warehouse for transferring freight for regional distribution.

A separate service building provides eight full service bays with hoists, welding capability, lubrication and oil change. The building also has a parts warehouse and a wash bay capable of housing two tractor units or one full 18 wheeler.  Rockyview has limited water availability and there was a strong emphasis on conservation by filtering and recycling a large portion of the wash water. The facility also has a large refuelling station.

Project Data

Construction ProcessDesign Build
Contract TypeSub-consultant to Mech. Contractor
ClientBoulder Mechanical
OwnerBison Transport
Area3,000 m² (32,000 ft²)