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Okotoks Recreation Centre

The existing Okotoks Recreational Centre renovation and expansion was completed in 2006. The original facility consisted of a pool, two ice skating rinks and a curling club. A second pool, gymnasium, multiuse spaces and administration area were added.  A new heat recovery air handling system was provided to serve the existing pool and new competition pool while meeting spectator area ventilation requirements.

The existing facility employed a roof mounted array of hydronic solar panels and the system was modified to service the existing swimming pool.  An energy efficient Solar Wall was installed to assist in preheating the outside air used to pressurize and control humidity in the spaces adjacent to the pool area.

Independent HVAC systems were provided for the gymnasium, administration area and multiuse spaces in the complex. The ventilation systems in the existing arenas were modified to allow utilizing the space for indoor rodeos and trade shows.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypeSub-Consultant to Architect
ClientQuinn Young Architects
OwnerTown of Okotoks
Area2,510 m² (27,000 ft²) Addition