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Mechwave ArriVa

A  920m2 podium level space in Victoria Park near downtown Calgary was developed in 2011 as MechWave Engineering’s new office for up to 50 employees. The mechanical system serving the office meets Class A office design standards.

The open concept office space and mezzanine is ventilated and cooled by a raised floor displacement air system. Fan coil units provide heating and supplementary cooling for zone control of the perimeter spaces. The raised floor diffusers and plenum provide exceptional space comfort which is easily modified for work station relocations. The raised floor also provides concealed distribution of power and data cabling which is easily accessible for expansion or relocation of work stations.  The displacement air system allows the use of up to 100% outside air for free cooling which greatly reduces operating costs and provides a higher level of ventilation than conventional office HVAC systems by supplying higher temperature supply air. In addition, a state of the art direct digital wireless control system and variable speed motors on all fan equipment provides infinite control with reduced energy consumption.

In the design process, Mechwave created a vision of the space using Studio Max®, created a 3D Revit Model and modeled the energy efficiency in Energy Plus.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypePrime Consultant to Owner
Area920 m² (9,900 ft²)