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Husky Energy – Control Facility, Tucker Lake, Alberta

The 1,425 m2 project consisted of a new control facility for a staff of 25 people at the Tucker Lake in-situ heavy oil pilot project. The building also provided administration areas, training rooms, locker rooms and showers for workers as well as an attached warehouse and maintenance facility.  The in-situ heavy oil project consisted of an adjacent central plant which supplies high temperature diethylene glycol used for making steam for underground injection to produce heavy oil flow for transport to a refining facility. As a by-product, return diethylene glycol was utilized for the heating requirements in the control building.

The control and administration building HVAC system consisted of a roof mounted VAV air handling system with a glycol heating coil. Make up air units for the locker/shower rooms and the warehouse and maintenance areas also used glycol heating coils.  In addition, glycol snow melt systems were provided in exterior entries and walkways.

Project Data

Construction ProcessFixed Price - General Contractor
Contract TypeSub-Consultant to Architect
ClientRiddell Kurczaba
OwnerHusky Energy
Area1,420 m² (15,300 ft²)