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Grenville Germain Complex

The complex consists of 8 levels of underground parking with an 11 storey office tower with a spa level and an adjacent 12 storey boutique hotel tower.  An 8 storey, 47 unit condominium apartment component bridges the two towers, which is located across from the Calgary Tower in the downtown area.

The entire complex utilizes a ground source heat pump system supplied from 80 geothermal wells  under the parkade, which are supplemented by high efficiency condensing gas fired boilers and a cooling tower.

The project created some unique challenges with regard to high rise life safety systems and exiting due to arrangement of the residential component which straddles the multi storey hotel and office towers.

Project Data

Construction ProcessConstruction Management
Contract TypeSub-Consultant
ClientGenecor Experts-Conseils Inc.
OwnerGroupe Germain
Area23,200 m² (250,000 ft²)